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The people behind Safe4op have made ​​pressure-relieving solutions to the operating table since the mid-1980s, so the experience and expertise behind the products is well documented.

Safe4Op is an range of pressure distributing products containing everything from table top paddings to bolsters over wedges and interlayers to the design of that particular positioning product you are missing.

The base in the products is the viscoelastic SAF-polymer with its pressure relieving properties and washability unique (up to 95 ° C) makes it ideal for use in the operating room demanding environment.

Safe4Op products are developed using technologies, including FSA for measuring the interface pressure between body and pads.


Safe4Op is a combination of turnkey solutions / products, and templates that can be used as a basis for design of special products. Surgical tables are a heterogeneous size often customized to the specific use. If acquired solutions shall function optimally, the padding must take account of this diversity. Safe4op makes it possible by providing a modular concept.


On the subsequent pages you can find both product and template presentations. On each page there are PDF forms for download. These can be used both for the ordering of standard products and identifying specific requirements for dimensions and construction. And last but not least, we are always ready with advice and assistance in finding the right solution.

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Safe4Op forms - using pressure and heat - a shape of the body and thereby relieve the high pressure points.

Safe4Op ensure optimal distribution of body pressure. Minimizes the risk of harmful pressure effects.

Safe4Op provides optimal comfort to the patient. Is soft and moldable, but still provides a solid support.

Safe4Op is a fully integrated, open cell polymer that maintains a comfortable body temperature and reduces the temperature drop in the patient.

Safe4Op is the environmentally correct choice. The technology behind ensures clean products for the benefit of nature. Our foam products are not containing toxic pesticides and halogens - instead they can be washed and autoclaved.

Safe4Op- surfaces made ​​to measure.

Safe4Op is hygienic - smaller items can be machine washed at 95 ° C and tumble dry. Major can be autoclaved and washed manually.

Safe4Op comes with black, removable polyurethane-coated covers that can be washed at 95 ° C and tumble dried. The covers are antistatic and meets the requirements for conductivity and X-ray permeable.

Safe4Op's accessories are still developing.

First Quality • Easy Operation • Hygienic • Safety • Durable • Adaptable